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Lime Skittles: Mars Finally Ends Their Sticky Situation With Fans This Summer


If you're more of a fan of lime Skittles than of green apple Skittles, you're in luck. Lime flavor Skittles are coming back for a limited time, but not as part of the original Skittles flavor pack. Instead, lime-loving Skittles fans will be able to buy all lime packs of a bag of Skittles for a limited time.

?What Happened to Lime Skittles?

The classic Mars Wrigley lime candies were moved from the Original pack to the new Darkside Skittles version in 2013, much to the disappointment of those who preferred lime to the new kind: green apple flavor. Since then, fans have asked for the brand to bring back lime, and for a limited time in 2017, lime was reunited with the other fruit flavors of orange, lemon, grape, and strawberry.

Unfortunately, the regular pack of chewy candies soon went back to offering the new flavor of sour apple instead, and fans have been pleading for the return of lime ever since.

Are They Back?

After years of waiting, fans of the lime flavor of Skittles can finally reunite with their long lost lime pack, instead of just having the candies mixed in with their old original candy counterparts. Frankly, this is the least that Mars can do after soiling the original packs with green apple skittles.


In April, Skittles was in the running to win @TwitterMktg's "Best Brand on Twitter" poll, and the brand announced if they won, they'd bring back the lime version of the candy, according to Taste of Home.

Sadly, Skittles lost that contest to Xbox. Maybe they'd have been a little more popular if their classic flavor hadn't been axed. Fortunately, lime fans were not deterred. They started petitions and began tweeting Skittles to bring back the lost lime flavor, and apparently, the brand listened.

"You asked a lot. You complained even more... so here you go," the brand tweeted in May. "SKITTLES ALL LIME Packs are here for a limited time this summer."

The tweet also noted that if the limited edition packs sold out, there was a chance they could be brought back entirely! Understandably, lime fans are thrilled with the news.


When Can I Buy Lime Skittles?

Taste of Home reported that the packs would come out in late June or early July, so you won't be able to add them to your Memorial Day weekend plans.

However, the Skittles Twitter account noted that they will be available nationwide in July 2021. So even if they're initially only released in certain areas, your local Walmart and other retailers should have the new product by mid-summer.

"Our Skittles fans asked, and we are thrilled to deliver," senior brand manager Fernando Rodrigues said in a press release.

"Lime-loving Skittles fans have been very vocal with their pleas to bring back their favorite flavor and we're excited to be able to offer them all the lime Skittles they want with the release of our All Lime packs." It's like Halloween has come early! Now they just need to do the same with the strawberry flavor.


Are you going to rush out and buy them?

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