Le Creuset Launches Gorgeous Sugar Pink Matte Cookware Line

Have you been eying your old enamel Dutch oven and secretly wishing you could upgrade? Well, Le Creuset knew what you were thinking when they launched this new line of Sugar Pink Matte cookware that will seriously tickle you pink. As part of their 36 color rotation, the iconic French brand is experimenting with millennial pink in such a pretty way, it's hard to not want one yourself.

Available in small appliances and products from the coveted coffee mug to the spoon rest, and all the way through their oval Dutch oven and mini cocottes, this colorful addition to the specialty cookware brand is even more appealing because it's matte. Unlike their Hibiscus pink, that matte finish sets Sugar Pink Matte apart and adds an adult touch to the gorgeous light pink.

While you won't find tea kettles in this color pattern, you can find a gorgeous French Press in the new arrivals. Here are the five items we're most excited to add to our kitchen one day.

1. Oval Dutch Oven

Le Creuset

I'm not quite ready to give up my classic cast iron Dutch oven, but I'm more than willing to add an oval Dutch oven to my cookware sets. With the oval shape, fitting a whole chicken in to roast isn't so difficult.

The Le Creuset enameled surface holds up so well to heat, I know this color will last for years to come. Three cheers for kitchen tools that actually do their job!

2. Mini Cocottes

Le Creuset

I am a sucker for mini cocottes, mostly because they are great for portion control and for those mini molten lava cakes I love so much. You can never have enough, especially when you start using them for everything from the perfect mise en place prior to cooking, to storing tiny snacks on game days, to using as a makeshift salt cellar.

My secret use? When I whip up compound butter for steaks or toast in the morning, I store and stir it together in my mini cocottes. Talk about beautiful functionality.

3. Braiser

Le Creuset

If there's one piece of nonstick cookware that's been on my wishlist for months, it's this braiser. A word about braisers, for those non-believers among us. I love it because it is a perfectly flat, even surface against the stovetop, meaning every single side of roast or brisket is seared perfectly before going into the slow cooker.

If you're in the market for cast iron cookware, it meets its best match when it comes to braising meats. I also won't lie and tell you I wouldn't make stir fries in this, either. Because I totally would.

4. Utensil Crock

Le Creuset

I love my current utensil holder, it's a funky, clear mason jar that I've used in the last three apartments I've lived in. However, I've been looking for something opaque and definitely not white for the last few months, especially after seeing how much grease splatters onto it while cooking.

This utensil crock from Le Creuset is a timeless, simple piece of enameled cast iron that would bring me such joy to look at, I can't even deny it.

5. Signature Skillet

Le Creuset

I've never been one who loves stainless steel cookware, it's just never been part of my aesthetic in the kitchen or home decor. While most designs tend to sway industrial and modern today, I'll be sticking with the Le Creuset signature skillet, thank you very much.

A Le Creuset cast iron, this is one of the original skillets that brought the brand's popularity to America from France, and thank goodness. Bake desserts, dips, casseroles, meats, and crumbles in this skillet that can do it all. Can you tell I'm really obsessed with this version?

Head on over to Le Creuset to check out the whole lineup that'll please anyone, whether you consider yourself a baker, a cook, or a novice. For free shipping, sign up for their newsletter!

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