Did You Know Lay's Has Fried Green Tomato Chips?

There are some Southern staples that, although odd, we continue to love. Putting peanuts in Coca-Cola is a great example of this. Other "traditions" confuse us. Take, for example, tropickles. We're not sure which part of the South they come from, but we're OK not knowing. There's one tradition, though, that you simply must be on-board with: Fried green tomatoes.

If you haven't tried actual fried green tomatoes yet, we suggest trying the Lay's chip variety. Wait, what? Lay's has fried green tomato chips?!

They sure do. The new fried green tomato flavor transpired from the #DoUsAFlavor contest. Three finalists were selected from the contest. A San Antonio woman's Crispy Taco suggestion made the cut. So did Everything Bagel with Cream Cheese, a flavor we're excited to try. That one came from Palm City, Florida.

What we're showcasing here, though, is Gregory Pope of Charlotte, North Carolina's masterpiece. This idea, the idea of all ideas, was to make Fried Green Tomato Lay's a thing. As you can tell by our capitalization there, he succeeded.

Fried green tomatoes are, essentially, synonymous with the South. We covered the history of fried green tomatoes recently. If you want to keep on thinking they were invented in America's southern states, feel free to disregard that link. And don't read this sentence: Fried green tomatoes have a warm home in the South, but they actually have origins in northern states. Did we forget to say spoiler alert?

Regardless of their origins, out of millions of entries fried green tomatoes made it to the top. And, out of the three finalists, we think it's the most unique flavor. The chips are available now, and your votes will help the creator of the winning flavor win, in turn, $1 million.

You can vote by posting a review and using the hashtag #VoteFriedGreenTomato. If you think that Lay's Cripsy Taco or Lay's Everything Bagel is better, though, feel free to #VoteEverythingBagel or #VoteCrispyTaco on Twitter or Instagram. We'll stick to our southern (or "southern") roots, though, and #VoteFriedGreenTomato all day long.

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