Krispy Kreme is Taking the Impending Eclipse Very Seriously

The upcoming eclipse has a lot of potential for good, evil, and sugar. Properly adorned viewers will see a sight that hasn't been seen in the United States for 38 years. Improper preparation, though, may leave one's eyes feeling like sand paper. Arguably, this may be the world's most viewed solar eclipse ever. Consider the total population of the world now when put against past eclipses. Look at how easy it is for us to gain knowledge through media snippets.

News is everywhere, and it seems like everyone is stoked for this solar eclipse. Even purveyors of the impossibly sweet are excited. Krispy Kreme is taking the impending eclipse very seriously.

You read that caption correctly. On their Instagram account, Krispy Kreme wrote, "In honor of #Eclipse2017, we're going dark. Experience #ChocolateGlaze for the first time ever on August 19th."

We've all seen a glazed Krispy Kreme donut. If you asked us if we'd seen a chocolate one, we probably would falter. Yes, right? Have we? We've eaten so many donuts. There must be a Krispy Kreme chocolate glaze.

If we answered that way before August 19th, we'd be dead wrong. Just two days before the solar eclipse, though, these bad boys will be released. They'll be available through the 21, and everyone should be excited.

Think about Willy Wonka's infamous chocolate factory. Rivers of chocolate running through it, the Wonka plant is a chocolate lover's dream. Now, imagine a regular Krispy Kreme glazed donut being dipped into that river of chocolate. Yeah, we agree; the schnozzberries do taste like schnozzberries.

The chocolate glaze will taste like chocolate glaze too, we think. The next total solar eclipse isn't coming any time soon, and we don't think the chocolate glaze will either. Grab your eclipse-viewing shades and a couple of these donuts in order to maximize your experience.

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