klondike bar flavors
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Our 10 Favorite Klondike Bar Flavors


What would you do for one of these delicious Klondike bar flavors? If you're a more casual fan of the ice cream bars, you might not even know that there are multiple options to choose from and that you're not limited to the original Klondike ice cream treat. Let's take a look at several flavors of the frozen treat, in no particular order.

1. Original Klondike Bar

The original version of the Klondike product, which originated in Mansfield, Ohio, is just vanilla ice cream with a chocolatey shell. But sometimes, the original is all you need.

2. Dark Chocolate

Described on the Klondike website as the "twin brother separated at birth in the ice cream store" to the milk chocolate flavor, this stickless treat has a dark chocolate shell instead. Yum!

3. Brownie Fudge Swirl

If you like chocolate and brownies, you'll love this version of a Klondike bar with brownie swirls in chocolate ice cream with a chocolate coating.


4. Krunch

This Klondike bar flavor features vanilla ice cream and chocolate coating, but it also has "crispy, crunchy puffed rice" in the chocolate. Talk about deliciousness!

5. Reese's

If you love peanut butter, you'll like this flavor. The ice cream is peanut butter cup flavored, but the shell is still the chocolate we all know and love.

6. Heath

This flavor includes Heath bar pieces, so if you're a fan of the chocolate bar, you should enjoy this sweet treat.

7. Oreo

If you'd prefer something sweet but cold over a cookie, this Oreo version of the Klondike bar with Oreo cookie crumbs and pieces of the iconic cookies in the ice cream will do the trick.


8. Neopolitan

This flavor is exactly what it sounds like -- strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla ice cream all covered in the classic chocolate shell.

9. Double Chocolate

But if you'd rather just have chocolate and more of it, check out this double chocolate flavor instead.

10. Mint Chocolate Chip

Finally, there's a version of a Klondike bar with mint ice cream and chocolate chips wrapped in a dark chocolate coating. Give it a try!

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