Kitschy and Vibrant: 11 Kitchen Gifts for the Kid at Heart

There is no reason you can't have a little fun in the kitchen, and that means having products that reflect your kid at heart.

From fun dish towels to ladles to butter dishes, these kitschy kitchen additions will put a smile on your face every time you prepare food.

1. Wow Kitchen - Adorable Hanging Kids Hand Towels

81kyh-4e6sl-_sl1500_This may be called a "kids" towel but how cute is that? With truly absorbing terrycloth, use this little cloth to wipe your hands and to put a smile on your face every time it catches your eye.

This towel is only $6.99 and also comes in a cute strawberry. There are only three left though, so make sure you order it fast for the cook in your life who is a kid at heart or for yourself!

2. Stackable Nessie Soup & Punch Ladles

81oaquzzbgl-_sl1500_Oh, who are we kidding? You don't even need to be a kid at heart to think these belong in your soup pot. These ladles are self-standing and will make your kitchen look like it was taken over by the Jurassic period. 

A set of three ladles, that come in fun colors, will run you $15.06. 

3. SUSOKI 8 in 1 Kitchen Tool Set- Multi Kitchen Gadgets Maker

71qcginksul-_sl1200_This practical kitchen addition is eight tools in one. Need a can opener? Got it. Need a spice grinder next? Oh good, it's right here. Where did your measuring cup go? Oh, here's another one.

 This practical multi-tool also brightens up your kitchen with the essential primary colors that will speak to your internal child. Did we mention it's only $5? 

4. Eshop99 Egg Mold Ring Stainless Steel Egg Pancake Mold Ring

8104jygbctl-_sl1500_Your breakfast doesn't need to be boring and that inner kid is just screaming for more fun in the morning. These egg molds will transform your breakfast into Mickey Mouse, a flower, heart, or star. 

You can also use this $9 mold to cut into pancakes, pizza, or anything else you want to make a bit more fun to eat. 

5. HuaYang Creative Kitchen Tool Gadget Pot Spill-proof Lid Stand 

61htrxdsupl-_sx522_These little gadgets will make you feel like your kitchen was overrun with colorful army men. But they also serve a purpose! These little guys help you lift hot lids or sides of hot pots without burning your hands.

They can also help hold up your phone if you're reading a recipe.


6. Original Egg Separator Fish

51qfufuaqol-_sl1000_This little orange fish will be the baker's best friend when they need to separate egg yolks. Plus, you will definitely excite your inner child whenever he gets taken out of the drawer.

This little yolk separator, we call him Bill, only costs $2.90 with free shipping.

7. uxcell Plastic Squirrel Shaped Non-stick Rice Spoon51gtqa8zmnl-_sl1100_

Your kitchen, or your gift recipient's, is about to be overrun by animals. Can you imagine mixing your risotto while looking into the squirrel's face? This spoon will make that tedious recipe just a bit more fun.

This mixing spoon only $4.14 and would make a great stocking stuffer.

8. NOVICA Health Serveware Ceramic Stoneware Teapot

71ozrnrimrl-_sl1500_More animals, but we couldn't pass this up. Everyone, no matter if you are a kid at heart of a grumpy scrooge, needs this on their stove.

Bring out your inner zen child with this teapot that costs $77.99. And don't be scared of the price, you are buying something that is a fair trade product backed by National Geographic.

9. Sofapartner Clap your hand dino Apron

61stqjlywel-_sl1500_Show your dinner guests that you have a sense of humor with this apron. Your inner child will love the T-Rex because everyone loves dinos.

These aprons are hand-printed and cost $15.99.

10. Flex Art Fun Blue Shark Bottle Opener

61mzwhanjul-_sl1500_This shark bottle opener would make a great stocking stuffer and you'll have fun opening beers, which we know that kids can't have. So, this bottle opener is a perfect gift for you or someone you know who is fully an adult but is a kid at heart.

It costs less than $9 so get a few for Christmas gifts.

11. Charming Woodland Hedgehog on Leaf Butter Dish



This hedgehog butter dish definitely lives on the counter of the chef who cooks with a kid at heart. This ceramic dish adds a little whimsy to any rustic setting and only costs $19.79. There are only 10 left!

So, maybe the cook with the kid at heart has lots of animal gadgets in their kitchen. But we aren't judging. 

Get shopping for that cook in your life who likes to have fun in the kitchen or send it to your loved ones for gift ideas for you!

We know our kitchen will have a few new fun additions this season.


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