Kit Kats Are Getting a Sweet Sushi Makeover in Japan

How much do you love sushi? Enough to eat one made of Kit Kats? Love it or hate it, Nestlé is rolling out the newest sushi flavor and it comes in Kit Kat form. The original chocolate covered wafer is being transformed into tuna, tamago, and uni sushi rolls. But rather than infusing a fish flavor into the Kit Kat - because that sounds pretty gross - the respectively-colored sushi will be palatable dessert flavors on top a bed of crispy puffed rice.

Tuna will be raspberry and white chocolate, tamago will take on a pumpkin pudding flavor, and uni will be Hokkaido melon and mascarpone cheese. Oh, and the seaweed? Only the tamago and uni Kit Kat sushi will be graced with the sweet and salty flavor.

Egg flavored #KitKatSushi, the new food hybrid in Tokyo. Thoughts? #repost ?: @designboom #kitkat

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If you think this is a new crazy marketing scheme to amp up Kit Kat sales in Japan, well, let's just say it's not the first time.

Last year alone, a sake flavored Kit Kat was released. Japan has a love of cute foods, and Kit Kat sushi is no exception.

Unfortunately for all Kit Kat lovers, the sweet wafers will only be available in Japan. Set to open in Tokyo's Giza district, the first street facing Kit Kat shop will be rolling out dessert by the end of this week.

Maybe if we get lucky, Kit Kat will go crazy in the USA and release a bourbon flavor comparable to the sake. One can hope, right?

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