These DIY Holiday Gingerbread Ornaments Will Impress Kids of All Ages

Make this holiday season a memorable one and spend time creating homemade decorations with the kids. Holiday crafts are fun for the kids and the finished product is more sentimental than store-bought. If you are looking for a project that is good for all ages, then you must try making gingerbread ornaments. You can decorate a tree, tie them to presents, or even give them as gifts.

This easy gingerbread recipe is ready in a snap. Simply dump all the ingredients in the food processor, roll out the dough, cut your shapes, bake, and then get ready to decorate.

You can use traditional shapes like stars and gingerbread men, or get creative and bust out those Disney and Star Wars cookie cutters. Either way, this simple recipe is fun for all ages.

If you find the little ones can't wait 20 minutes for the cookies to bake, a cup of hot cocoa with marshmallows is in order. Once the cookies are ready let their imaginations go wild with decorating their gingerbread.

Whether their final product is a masterpiece or something a little more abstract, the memories is what it's all about.

So get in the spirit this holiday season and make your own gingerbread ornaments.

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