KFC to Debut the Mystical Georgia Gold Chicken and It Sounds Delicious

KFC will diversify its menu with the addition of a lesser-known - but no less delicious - style of barbecue sauce. As Brand Eating reports, KFC will release a new item this month nationwide: the chain's version of Georgia's honey mustard-based barbecue. Georgia Gold Chicken will be available at KFC stores throughout the U.S., beginning on Sunday, Jan. 29.

Much lesser known than its tomato-molasses cousins with which most of us are familiar, Georgia-Carolinas barbecue sauce is made with mustard as its main ingredient, along with cider vinegar, a few spices, ketchup (sometimes) and, in some recipes, brown sugar or molasses for sweetness.

Watch someone test them from the comfort of their very own car! And listen to that crunch. Yum.

The new sauce option will be available on any number of KFC's fried chicken menu items: tenders, wings, Chicken Littles sandwiches, etc.

The new flavor was successfully tested last summer in Mobile, Alabama, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - though not, it seems, in Georgia.

Can't wait that long? Try this recipe for Georgia Mustard BBQ Sauce at home.

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