KFC Is Launching a Cooking School, But It's Not in the U.S.

KFC doesn't mean what you thought it did any more. Sure, they're still frying up chickens, but (plot twist) chicken is not what the "C" stands for. You can now translate KFC as "Kentucky Fried Canada." That's right, people: KFC plans to head north. The chicken-fried empire is launching a cooking "school," and it's going to be in Canada.

According to Dianne de Guzman of SFGATE, this "one-hour class will show Canadian KFC superfans how to batter, bread and fry their chicken pieces the KFC way. Not included in the classes, however, is the Colonel's famous recipe with its 11 herbs and spices." That's one secret they're not willing to divulge to the (Canadian) masses.

They will, however, teach people how to fry up a darn good piece of chicken. The company is in the middle of getting back to its roots. They're returning to the original chicken coop, if you will.

This process, which they've dubbed Re-Colonelization, strives to teach KFC employees to make chicken the way that was originally made. (On top of that, Re-Colonelization is one of the best and worst puns we've ever seen. Genius.) With these classes, you too, can learn the best poultry practices.

Start off your year with what's truly important: being close with loved foods.

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De Guzman also mentions that Canadians in and around Calgary, Toronto, and Vancouver can click here to sign up for the classes.

They're being held on March 12.

Colonel wax sculpture or Colonel trapped in wax? Only your Nashville Hot/Dr Pepper museum curator knows for sure.

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Disappointed Americans will be, well, disappointed. A step-by-step tutorial on how to prepare KFC chicken can be found here.

Those looking to recreate the chicken at home can look at this alleged recipe with 11 spices, discovered by the Chicago Tribune last year.

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