North Carolina KFC Accepts a 30-Year-Old Coupon from 1986

You may not believe what you're about to read, but we promise you that it's true. One North Carolina man saved around six dollars by presenting to his local KFC a coupon from 1986 that promised a great deal on a Tuesday meal. 

It may be hard to think back past the most recent election, so we'll help clue you in on dates. The Reagan administration ran from January of 1981 to January of 1989. The coupon that that KFC in North Carolina accepted had expired in 1986. That's right: This coupon was alive while Reagan was.

Paul Boyd scored a coupon for a KFC restaurant in Marion, North Carolina in 1986. The coupon, adorned with Colonel Sander's face let members of the Tuesday Special Club buy a three-piece meal for $2.59 on any one Tuesday. However, there it stayed in his wallet for 30 years.

In December 2016, Boyd took them up on the coupon. The KFC location he used the coupon at wasn't actually around in 1986 and he didn't use it on a Tuesday, but that didn't matter. Assistant Manager Paul Platt told McDowell News that, "We're always going to honor any (KFC) coupon that comes across our path."

If Boyd had purchased the meal without the use of a coupon, it would have cost him around $8.53.

Yes, we've started digging through old drawers and looking between sofa cushions for coupons. While North Carolina isn't very close to where this article is being written, we think it just may be worth the trip.

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