11 Keto Coffee Creamers That Won't Wreck Your Low Carb Diet


If you're a coffee drinker, your morning coffee ritual is the best reason to get out of bed some days. If you're also on a keto diet, adding sweetener and creamer to that cup of coffee can be a tricky endeavor. Many store-bought options like Coffee Mate contain hidden added sugars, making it tricky to get a little bit of hazelnut flavoring in your coffee without ruining your diet. Aside from drinking black coffee, what are some of the best keto coffee creamers that won't send you racing to Starbucks for a salted caramel latte in sweet surrender?

The ketogenic, or keto, diet is a high fat and low carb diet that can help with controlling blood sugar and encourage weight loss in a body that just won't seem to shed those pounds. Carbs are limited to less than 50 grams of net carbs per day for the ketogenic diet to kick in. Once your body enters ketosis, your body should be powered by ketones instead of glucose. This is also where the amazing fat loss happens. There are lots of keto recipes and even some paleo recipes to keep your eating in check, but what about those hidden carbs and sugars in your coffee?

Many keto lovers frequent the bulletproof coffee route, where grass-fed butter or collagen creamer is used to fatten up their cup of joe. Sometimes vanilla extract or cacao are added to this butter coffee, making it pretty versatile overall. Still, it's sometimes nice to just pull some creamer out of the fridge, and keto makes that more difficult.

While you can drink a trough of black coffee on a keto diet, keto-friendly creamer options are a little trickier. If you're new to the keto diet and usually walk up to the coffee counter asking for a "large coffee light and sweet," you're going to have adjust your order a little until you get the hang of it.


The Best Keto-Friendly Coffee Creamers

1. Califia Farms Unsweetened Better Half Coffee Creamer

You've most likely seen this brand at your supermarket. Made from unsweetened almond milk and coconut cream, this brand is a top choice for its guilt-free ingredient list. Soy-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free, this plant-based coffee creamer is vegan friendly with no artificial sweeteners.

2. So Delicious Original Coconut Milk Creamer

Coconut milk has zero carbs and tastes great on its own or as a coffee creamer. The fat content isn't as high as the keto diet calls for, but if you like the delicious fresh taste of coconut milk, the satisfaction level is high and will ultimately keep you on track in your keto diet.

3. Left Coast Performance Keto Coffee Creamer

Three major staples of the keto diet are ghee butter, MCT oil, and coconut oil. This keto coffee creamer has all three. Left Coast Creamer isn't just a pour and drink on your way to the shower. This creamer needs to be blended in with your coffee to get the full benefits of the healthy fats. The oils will separate from the coffee if you don't give it a good mix.


4. Omega Power Creamer

This low-carb and sugar-free coffee creamer also contains the trinity ingredients of ghee, MCT oil, and coconut oil. Omega uses stevia as a sweetener in their flavored creamers including peppermint, vanilla, salted caramel, and even the frenzy-inducing pumpkin spice flavor. This product should also be blended to get the full ketosis benefits of those healthy fats. The blender noise helps wake you up too.

5. Organic Valley Heavy Whipping Cream

While it's not officially part of the category of keto coffee creamers, heavy whipping cream will keep you on track while following a keto diet. Thin it out with a little water if you like.

6. Organic Valley Lactose-Free Half & Half Cream

This half-and-half has milk, cream, and a lactase enzyme, making it lactose-free. While it's not sugar-free, the high-fat content works for the keto dieter.

7. Nutpods Pumpkin Spice, Unsweetened Dairy-Free Liquid Coffee Creamer

Zero carbs with a base of almond nut milk, you can order these on Amazon in a single serving size. Great to keep in your purse or gym bag.


8. PRYMAL Coffee Creamer - Non Dairy, Keto, Sugar Free

Better for occasional indulgence because of the higher carbohydrate count, Prymal is naturally sweetened with monk fruit which gives it a richer sweet taste. Sometimes you just have to satisfy that dessert urge without totally throwing yourself onto the dessert cart.

9. H.V.M.N. MCT Oil Powder - Keto Creamer Powder

Who doesn't love mocha? Get your mocha fix in this keto-friendly powdered creamer. There's a hidden bonus of 3 grams of fiber so you can really strut proudly through the day after using this keto coffee creamer.

10. Kiss My Keto Creamer -- French Vanilla Flavor

Loaded with medium-chain triglycerides, an important part of the keto diet, this French vanilla flavor really tastes like you're living it up in a cafe with a vanilla-flavored fancy coffee. High fat, low carb, and all delicious.


11. Preferred Elements Keyto Collagen Protein Powder with MCT Oil

Save this for when you're blending up an iced coffee-based shake as an alternative to your hot cup of morning coffee to take with you for the day. There are two types of collagen in here and you can get this powder in chocolate or vanilla. High protein, high fat, low carb, and zero sugar.

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