Kentucky Grandma Leaves Hilarious Comment Card at Kroger

Growing up with siblings can be tough. Not only is there the chance that your older brother will give you a noogie, but your parents may also compare you to him. If "be more like your brother" is a phrase that's all too familiar to you, this story may be too close to home. A Kentucky grandma left a hilarious comment card at Kroger, comparing her grandson to the employee that helped her out all the while.

Grandma's comment starts with the problem. She was having a late night craving. We've all gotten those before, right?

She wanted a yogurt covered cranberry, and she wanted it now. OK, to be fair she definitely wanted more than just one. The sentence just sounded better that way. Regardless, she went to the Euclid Kroger to get her fix. To read the full note, click the right arrow on the below image.

Nathaniel is da real MVP

While searching desperately for her snack, she ran into an employee named Nathaniel Hunter. As you'll see, this grandmother loved Nathaniel.

She asked him where the yogurt covered cranberries were located. Instead of just pointing her in the right direction, Nathaniel took her directly to their location. Grandma enjoyed this small gesture of kindness.

Nathaniel then helped her "navigate those darn contraptions" that dispense trail mix and other snack items. When it's late ate night and all you want to do is eat some yogurt covered raisins, ain't nobody got time for snack dispensers.

Once the barcode was printed for the late-night treat (which the grandma praised Nathaniel for in her comments), she was able to check out and go enjoy her snack. As she left, though, she had a realization. This is where it gets good.

Grandma at Euclid Kroger is NOT PLAYING. #worstgrandson #bemorelikenathaniel

Posted by Holli Rickman Powell on Monday, July 17, 2017

"As I was leaving the store," the card says, "I couldn't help ... but wish my own grandson could be more like Nathaniel." She admits how terrible that desire may be, and she loves her grandson Tyler "to death," but facts are facts. Tyler is rude.

Grandma asks Tyler for computer help. Tyler tells his grandma to Google it. The comment card ends with the Kentucky grandma hoping to run into Nathaniel again. She wants to set him up as Tyler's friend, hoping his kindness will rub off on her grandson.

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