Former Midwestern Farmer Wins Bud Light's Super Bowl Tickets for Life

Never again will Lyle Randa from Wichita, Kansas be a couch slouch for the Super Bowl. Several days before Super Bowl LI, this Kansas man found himself with a golden Bud Light can which qualified him for entry in Bud Light's Super Bowl Tickets for Life sweepstakes. While entry was guaranteed with a gold can, winning Super Bowl tickets for life was not. 

Fortune was smiling upon Randa when he won the grand prize earlier this week. Anheuser-Busch confirmed this to ABC News last week.

Needless to say this lifelong NFL fan is extremely grateful. The Wichita resident, 52, told ABC News"I just want to say, 'Thank you'... for the incredible opportunity. I'm looking forward to going to the Super Bowl, seeing new cities and new stadiums and it's going to be a fun ride."

Indeed, it will be fun. For the next 51 years, Randa and his wife Amy can attend the Super Bowl in person.

They began the tradition this year by flying to Houston to watch the New England Patriots' incredible comeback against the Atlanta Falcons in one of the most iconic Super Bowl wins of all time.

It's All in the Luck of the Draw

This Willy Wonka-esque contest began on Nov. 28 and ran through Jan. 13. During this time, 37,000 gold cans were released and buried into random packs of Bud Light.

As the holiday season wore on, more and more cans were found and names were entered to win lifetime Super Bowl tickets. In fact, one Texas man found a gold can even before he knew the contest started!

However, it wasn't until a week before the big game that Randa and his wife received a call saying that they won the grand prize - two lifetime Super Bowl tickets.

Kansas via the Randas

Amy Randa told ABC, "We thought it was a scam at first and I said, 'This not a scam. He is a very kindhearted, loving person. He loves to have fun, he loves the NFL and he definitely deserves this.'"

Once the shock wore off, the thrill of the prize began to sink in. Rand could not stop smiling as he revealed the story of his win.

Although he is a fan of the Minnesota Vikings and the Kansas City Chiefs, Randa says that next year he hopes to make this game an annual tradition where he can take his family and enjoy a good game.

Next year he plans to take his son and introduce him to the biggest NFL game of the year.

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