Sam Adams Hosts Beer Tasting Flight Through JetBlue Hosted by Jim Koch Himself

You have many options to choose from when flying, and if you're heading to Great American Beer Festival in Colorado this year, the only option you'll choose is JetBlue. While the beer menu and entertainment options of flying tend to leave something desired, JetBlue is returning the party to 30,000 feet. Partnering with Sam Adams, the airline will be offering a special guided inflight craft beer tasting - now this is what dreams are made of.

JetBlue Flight 97 set to take off on October 5th from New York's John F. Kennedy airport to Denver, Colorado will be serving up craft beer like a tasting room. To guide passengers through their tasting, only a proper host would do. That's why the one-way flight will be lead by none other than Sam Adams founder Jim Koch.

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Once the plane reach 30,000 feet, flight attendants - decked out in Oktoberfest Bavarian hats mind you - will pass out a Sam Adams tastings paddle with three different tastings. And in honor of the season, the first will be Sam Adams Oktoberfest. The other two samples will be a special experimental beer that will remain a secret until come tasting time.

As guests imbibe on the Sam Adams brews, Koch himself will discuss how to properly taste beer over the PA system. Don't worry, it's not a recording. After the PA portion of the tasting, passengers will have the opportunity to get some face time with the Boston Brewery founder. Making the experience more personal, Koch will interact with passengers one on one as he meanders through the aisle taking questions. There will also be beer-related activities to keep guests entertained.

When the flight touches down, passengers will have the memories of their experience along with a memorable swag bag. Guests will get their very own tasting paddle as well as paddle bottle opener. And if that wasn't enough, they'll receive their own copy of Jim Koch's book Quench Your Own Thirst, Business Lessons Learned Over a Beer or Two.

For those on the flight heading to GABF, they'll no doubt be arriving in style. The massive beer festival taking place in Denver will feature 800 breweries serving up some of their well-known and rare beers. This is like the Comic Con of the beer industry. Festival attendees have the chance to sample award winning beers and get up close and personal with brewery employees. No doubt there is a lot of geeking out that occurs.

If have to know what those secret tasters or inflight beer games are, book your flight now while seats are available. Something tells me that this flight is going to fill up fast.

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