Jester King Cancels Wicked Weed Collaboration After AB InBev Acquisition

In the craft beer world, collaborations between two stellar breweries often result in eager anticipation that send beer geeks running to the beer release. Throw in two breweries that have a reputation for phenomenal sours - like Jester King and Wicked Weed - and you've struck gold. Sadly, the sour beer kings of the Austin, Texas and wild ale experts from Asheville, North Carolina will no longer take part in a scheduled collaboration. Jester King Brewery has announced that they will no longer be doing a collaboration brew with Wicked Weed Brewing due to the recent acquisition by Anheuser-Busch InBev.

The news for the canceled collaboration came just after Wicked Weed's announcement. In response to the decision, Jester King founder Jeff Stuffings posted on the company website:

"We have some core principles that define who we are as a brewery, and those principles must not be compromised. One of our core principles is that we do not sell beer from AB In-Bev or its affiliates. We've chosen this stance, not because of the quality of the beer, but because a portion of the money made off of selling it is used to oppose the interests of craft brewers."

Stuffings further went on to say that,

"We think Wicked Weed beer is some of the best in the world. Their talent, techniques, and patience produces some of the most beautiful beer we've ever tasted. That, combined with their great friendship, is what makes this decision so tough for us. But like we said, our core values must be paramount at the end of the day."

While the beer may still be Wicked Weed's, the company is no longer craft. Working with them now would mean working with AB InBev which goes against their values and political stances, which is something that Jester King has vowed they will not do.

Sadly, their business relationship has come to an end. That means no more collaborations like Red Artiral. This isn't the first shocking news about a craft brewery being bought out by AB InBev.

AB InBev has a reputation for shopping around, buying up the little man, and eliminating competition. Jester King's neighbor, Karbach Brewing Co., was the ninth acquisition by AB InBev.

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Seattle's Elysian Brewing and Chicago's Goose Island are a couple other big names that were taken over by AB InBev. While they aren't the only company buying up smaller breweries, they are certainly the largest.

As for what will happen to Jester King's friend Wicked Weed and its sister site, the Funkatorium, only time will tell. Hopefully though, some staples like Oblivion and Black Angel will stick around.

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