Jello Shot Jenga is the Perfect Outdoor Game for Adults

Years ago, we were in college dorms playing beer pong, but since then, we've grown up and become accustomed to backyard games. They're family-friendly, and the rules are relatively simple. (Not to mention, they don't require drinking). Although, it doesn't hurt to have a drink everyone now and then with the family. Thanks to Jello Shot Jenga, there's a family backyard game that requires a little bit of letting loose.

Stone Point Woodworking created a giant Jenga game for those who like to kill a bottle or two of vodka with their favorite cousins. This Jenga set has 54 woodblocks and 15 spots to hide jello shots. If you're a so-called Jenga master, wait until you're three shots deep of Tito's.

Giant Tipsy Jello Shot Tower

Giant Tipsy Jello Shot Tower

Pull the Jenga block with the shot, and you have to take it! Rules are rules. The outdoor Jenga drinking game is available on Etsy and Amazon. Next time you throw a get together, take the party outside for outdoor play.

Whether it's a birthday party, bachelorette party, or even Thanksgiving dinner, someone is bound to bring up a game of jello shot Jenga. Leave the lawn games to the kids and let the adults have some outdoor fun. This giant version of Jenga will be a breath of fresh air if Cards Against Humanity and Kings are your standard party games.

Giant Jenga

I'll also mention that an outdoor yard game like jello shot Jenga should give you some motivation to spruce up your backyard. Get those gorgeous fairy lights and lawn chairs you've been eying! Your home will be the place to be for outdoor parties.

Get the jello recipe card and get the jello shot cups ready. Backyard Jenga will be your favorite giant outdoor game yet.

Note that there are a variety of Jenga-inspired drinking games available on Amazon, but this set has spots for the jello shots. I love it.

This post was originally published on February 7, 2020.

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