If You're Not Shoving Your Hamburger onto a Straw, What Are You Doing?

I can understand sipping on a Coca-Cola can through a Red Vine, but through a burger? Making waves as the new trend on international social media for fast food, it's now apparently cool to stick your soda straw through a McDonald's burger, making hamburger straws. The Mickey-D's trend sparked social media interest after fast-food goers across - you guessed it - Japan took to posting.

The "drink x hamburger - or "hamburger straws" - fast-food fad that has everyone snapping pictures of their McDonald's meal is a simple concept really. You order a burger (a Big Mac for the most on-brand shot) and a soda. You take said burger and shove it through the straw on top of your soda cup. Simple. What's not simple is drinking soda through a straw that has a meat wad stuck in it. That doesn't exactly sound appetizing.

While I have yet to try it, these folks would really know.

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One has to wonder, what happens when you get a big bit of burger in your drinking straws? Is that what makes them, officially, burger straws? When it comes to Instagram trends, is this even worth it?

The new viral trend isn't stopping at burgers. While the wildest we've ever gotten at McDonald's has been enjoying French fries dipped in our McFlurries, people are jabbing straws through their morning breakfast sandwich and their McChicken sandwiches, too.

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This isn't the first weird food fad or food trend to come out of Japan or Asia itself. The Japanese have a long history of coming up with some weird food crazes that are borderline questionable (or sometimes a total waste). Kit Kat sushi, Wendy's baby corn and blue cheese burger, and the Kuro Pearl Burger from Burger King are a few that make the list.

Come to think of it, eating a bamboo charcoal dyed burger with dyed cheese isn't questionable. It's down right bizarre and tops the list of weird things we've just let fast food companies do.

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We are, however, intrigued by the idea of taking a dip in Yunessun Spa and Resort's red wine spa. Red wine has a plethora of health benefits - when consumed - that range from an antioxidant boost to reducing heart disease. One can only imagine what it does for the skin when bathing in it.

While we're not sure who sparked this new viral trend, my bet is it was someone trying to eat their burger and drink their soda after exiting the drive-thru with one hand on the wheel. Or maybe the inventor took a cue from the coffee and donut drink straws trend.

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Either way, hopefully McDonald's doesn't start offering up crazy straws soon because you're never going to slurp up a burger through one of those.

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