You Need to See Jamie Oliver's 3 Ways to Cook the Perfect Poached Egg

Do your poached eggs come out picture perfect every time? Or do you wind up with separated egg whites floating around in water? There is a science to getting the perfect poached egg. Ignoring proper technique and cracking an egg into a pot of rumbling boiling water can result in runny eggs, over cooked yolks, or a wonky looking finished product.

That's why we turned to Jamie Oliver to show us how it's done.

Starting off with a fresh egg, Oliver demonstrates how you can simply plop it in the pot, but be sure the water is gentle - we're not cooking pasta here. If you're eggs didn't come straight from the hen house, then it's best to go with the swirl method.

However, if you have a family full off poached egg lovers, cook multiple eggs using plastic wrap. And the vinegar trick? Not necessary. With these three fool proof methods, you can have the perfect poached eggs.

But how exactly can you tell the freshness of an egg? The product code may inform you when the dozen goes bad, but it doesn't tell you when the egg was laid. Luckily, there is a simple trick you can use.

To test the egg, grab a bowl of water and drop one in. The egg will do one of three things that is a clear indicator of freshness. First, it will sink, which is a sign of a fresh egg. Second, it will sink but point up. This is a sign the egg is a couple weeks old and should be used relatively soon. Third, the egg will float indicating it's time to toss it.

Between using the egg freshness test and one of Jamie Oliver's foolproof methods, you are guaranteed a magazine cover-worthy poached egg every time. Now get crackin'.

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