Jack in the Box, America's Guilty Pleasure, Triples Down on Bacon

Is there such a thing as too much bacon? Jack in the Box aims to find out. As Brand Eating reports, Jack in the Box will soon unveil its latest sandwich, the Triple Bacon Buttery Jack - a triple dose of bacon with strips of bacon strips, bacon mayo and bacon butter, Jack's signature beef patty, grilled onions and cheddar cheese atop the chain's new "signature" buttery bun.

Bacon mayo isn't new to Jack in the Box - it was first introduced on the restaurant's Bacon & Swiss Buttery Jack in 2015 - but bacon butter is a brand new addition.

Repost from @ashyi - The new Triple Bacon Buttery Jack at @jackinthebox comes 2/2/16. #baconbutterhack #?

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The Triple Bacon Buttery Jack will be available starting Feb. 2 for a limited time only. The suggested price is $4.99.

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