It's Not Pizza. It's Not Fried Chicken. It's the KFC Chizza!

Long gone are the days when you would got to KFC and only order a bucket of fried chicken along with some buttery biscuits. Like many other fast food chains, KFC upped the game by adding on crazy menu items that could only be consumed as a midnight guilty pleasure. There was the Zinger Double Down and the Double Down Dog that replace bread with fried chicken. Now, KFC has done it again and made a Frankenstein item blending pizza and fried chicken. Is it a pizza? Is it fried chicken? It's Chizza!

What you have with the Chizza appears to be the result of an indecisive dinner decision. In the center of the pie, you have a Hawaiian-style pizza topped with "chicken ham", mozzarella, pineapple, and KFC's "special sauce".

On this week's agenda... #kfcchizza ?

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But wait, it gets better! The crust, well that's fried chicken. Yes, the crust is a circle of fried chicken. If you love pizza, and you love fried chicken, then this concoction is the ultimate mashup designed to make you do your happy dance.

Sadly, for all of you wanting to sink your teeth into this fried, cheesy meal that's probably two days worth of calories, you're going to have to book an international flight. The Chizza is available at participating KFC's located in Hong Kong, Singapore, and the Philippines.

If a flight is a bit out of our budget, you could go to Pizza Hut for a Hawaiian pie and then hit up KFC for a bucket of fried chicken to re-create your own Chizza.

It may not be the same, but something tells me it's pretty close to the real deal.

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