Stop for This Woman's Solo Wedding, Stay for the Watermelon Carving

Everyone doesn't love the idea of marriage. For some, promising to be with one person for the rest of his or her life is preposterous. Others, though, dream of marriage from a very young age. The idea of meeting your forever person, if you will, is what gets some people through the day. Building a family is as natural for some people as the idea of being alone is for others. We're all different, and that's just dandy. There's a new type of relationship afoot that proves just how different people can be.

People are starting to marry themselves. This act, called sologamy, is gaining steam. Recently, an Italian woman married herself, serving cake and a carved watermelon.This "union" was no Costco wedding. It was uniquely lavish, though, and we're nearly envious of it.

The ceremony had everything an average wedding would. The Italian bride, Laura Mesi, had four bridesmaids. About seventy people came to the ceremony, and there was even multi-layered cake. Oh, and there was also watermelon. The watermelon was carved to with Sposa Single, and it's just as married, legally, as Mesi is. We must admit, the carving is ornate. It's beautiful. We do.

Mesi's wedding wasn't legal in any way. It was a display of questionable spending, at most. (Mesi's dress came in at $12,000. She also took herself on her own honeymoon in Egypt.) After a 12-year relationship ended, Mesi made a resolution. If she wasn't married by 40, she'd marry herself. As you can see, 40 came up quickly.

There are all sorts of arguments on the internet over this new trend. Some people are hailing sologamy as something aiming to smash patriarchal society. Others are saying that it's weird and wrong and every other kind of word that displays confusion and misunderstanding. The only stance we have on this one, though, is that we want the number for whoever carved that watermelon.

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