Unicorns Everywhere: A Brewery Made the Unicorn Beer Happen

It's happened. The unstoppable unicorn-themed food craze that has been sweeping the nation has officially hit the beer world. Starting out innocently with cute colored macaroons then exploding into Starbuck's newest Frappucino flavor, the unicorn trend has taken over the food and beverage industry. And Bold Mariner Brewing Company is getting in on the action.

Inspired by the Starbuck's Unicorn Frappuccino, Bold Mariner Brewing Company based in Norfolk, Virginia decided to serve up a keg of Unicorn Beer. Each week the brewery puts out an experimental batch, and with recent unicorn trends overwhelming the masses, they decided to stick with the theme.

Unicorn beer, aka basic meets hipster ??

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The Unicorn Frappucino had millions flocking to participating Starbuck's locations to get a taste of the colorful, sickly-sweet concoction. The flavor of the beverage was a sour mango in a bright blue, pink color. In order to replicate that, Bold Mariner decided to go with a cream ale.

The unicorn cream ale was brewed with mango, vanilla, purple corn grits, and lactose to mimic the creaminess. That, however, was not enough. The original Unicorn Frappucino was sickly-sweet, so Bold Mariner had to up it's game by topping off the beer with cotton candy. The result was a purple-colored beer topped with a bluish-pink cloud looking puff that certainly does not resemble your average pint.

Coming in at 5.5 percent, the sweet beer was a one off that Bold Mariner thought would be a fun experiment. "We like to come up with new and exciting flavor trends," co-owner Kerrie Stacks told the Virginian-Pilot. "Other breweries seem to be catching on as we have seen them use some of our flavor combos as well which is great. We like to stay ahead of the curve and keep exploring."

Whether or not other breweries decide to jump on this trend remains to be seen, but something tells me it was a one-time deal.

If you didn't get a taste of this monstrosity, then we're sorry if we disappoint you in saying you never will. The brewery follows food trends, and this Unicorn Beer was a one-time-only deal. You'll just have to get your fix from another unicorn-themed edible.

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