Kansans Tricked by Fake News of Whataburger's Arrival

For days on end, citizens of Wichita and the entire state of Kansas were on a wild goose chase for some answers. Plastered across many Facebook pages of residents around the area was an advertisement notifying these fine folks that a Texas staple would soon be making it's way to their great city. What staple, you may ask?

For those who are not from these parts, Texas is known and loved for many things such as tacos, BBQ and in this case, Whataburger. What makes Whataburger so special? Could it be the juicy goodness of a burger that's cooked to order and never frozen? Or is it possibly their fan favorite Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit? Let's not forget that their ketchup is essentially made from magical tomatoes, a la Jack in the Beanstalk.

With that brief explanation of why Whataburger is so glorious, let's get back to the question at hand. Residents of Kansas far and wide are begging to know, Is Whataburger coming to Wichita?

damn, what a burger! #whataburger

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Some Facebook users and The Wichita Eagle journalist Denise Neil pried further into the situation and clicked the headline only to receive disappointment like no other.

This was a cruel click-bait joke, one that residents will surely never forget, at least not for awhile. This was false advertisement at it's worst, and it confirmed that no, Whataburger was not, in fact, coming to Kansas.

It's #WhataburgerTime... ☺️. #Whataburger #lunchatmyfavoriteplace

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Whataburger currently has over 800 locations around the United States, serving up the best dang fast food your tummy should be so lucky to consume. There's no denying that the residents of Kansas were disappointed to find out that what they've been reeling for was in fact a hoax that 230,000 people fell for.

Maybe someday in the future the fine residents of Kansas will be blessed with a Whataburger of their own, but until then, us Texans will welcome any and all road trips into state lines for some good 'ole burgers, the right way -- the Texas way.

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