Is This the Most Genius Ways to Save Recipes Ever?

How many times have you shuffled through yellowed, dog-eared cookbooks, or rifled through an ancient recipe collection binder in hopes of remembering exactly where you put those recipes you wanted?

Worse, how many times have you found yourself frantically googling a recipe because you weren't sure if you needed a teaspoon or a tablespoon of baking powder but you're already up to your elbows in flower.

Yeah, we've all been there.

Adam Erace's Brilliant Idea

However, Adam Erace has discovered a new way to save yourself from the madness. He suggested storing your favorite recipes as contacts in your phone.

And he is being hailed the genius of the decade.

Others are also busy promoting his candidacy for the Nobel prize after he proved that you can bring up your favoirte recipe contacts by using Siri.

Some are even speculating that Siri will soon be able to make your meals and not just show you how.

Most people, however, just agree that this recipe storage revalation was life altering. Now, thanks to this genius hack, they'll never find themselves recipe-less if they're in a pinch.

What More Could We Want?

Naturally, since it's such a good idea, someone has already inquired as to its patent status.

So, will you start trying it yourself?

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