Is This the Best Hot Dog in America?

Americans eat a lot of hot dogs -- like, $2.5 billion each year a lot -- and with different regions swearing by different styles and toppings, there can be a lot of contention on the "best" hot dog... until now?

As NJ reports, Rutt's Hut, in Clifton, New Jersey, was just ranked the No. 1 hot dog in U.S. by The Daily Meal's ranking of the 75 best hot dogs in America, released just in time for National Hot Dog Day, a July tradition that means moments like the Coney Island Hot Dog Eating Contest.

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While the list includes a few other of Jersey's legendary dogs -- Maui's Dog House, Max's Famous Hot Dogs, Tommy's and Jimmy Buff's Italian Hot Dogs also made the Mail's list -- Rutt's Hut came out on top.

The Daily Meal review was absolutely glowing:

Even if Rutt's Hut, located in blue-collar Clifton, served their trademark Ripper -- a pork-and-beef Thumann's link that's deep-fried in beef fat until it rips apart -- out of the back of a minivan, it would still be the country's most delicious hot dog.

The fact that this roadside shack has not only a counter to end all counters amid its stand-up dining room, but also an adjoining tap room where you can drink cheap beer and chat with old-timers and fellow pilgrims, propels Rutt's Hut to legendary status.

Whether you order an "In-And-Outer" (just a quick dunk in the oil), a Ripper, a well-done "Weller," or the crunchy, porky, almost-overcooked "Cremator," make sure you get it "all the way": topped with mustard and a spicy, sweet, onion- and cabbage-based relish.

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Salivating yet?

Rutt's Hut, the home of "The Ripper," is a classic hot-dog joint in every way: a standing-only, tile building with the same decor as when it was built in 1928. They serve up deep-fried dogs slathered in the company's secret-recipe relish, made with a proprietary blend of spices and mustard.

This isn't the first time Rutt's Hut has been in the spotlight; this top-ranked hot dog joint has been featured on USA Today, a handful of shows on both the Food Network and Travel Channel, as well as PBS' "A Hot Dog Program."

If you're ever in Clifton, New Jersey, now you'll know where to get lunch.

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