Does Queso Count as a Salad Dressing?

Only in Texas will you see a menu specifically listing queso as not a salad dressing. And only in Texas will you have people deeply entrenched in both camps claiming that queso should absolutely dress your greens while others are staunchly opposed to the idea.

I mean, what Texan doesn't have an opinion on ensalada con queso? After all, plenty of us pour liquid cheese on our taco and fajita salads. So what makes dumping some on a regular salad any different? Isn't it a similar idea to using blue cheese?

While the concept isn't far off, remember, queso is warm so dressing your greens with it will inevitably cause your greens to wilt slightly, which can be less than pleasant in the summertime. Then again, not putting some onto your salad might cause you to miss out on a beautiful thing.

Settling the Great Debate

This debate has been raging in the online circles and so one contributor to Texas Monthly decided to settle the dispute once and for all and called Randy Evans, executive chef and director of restaurants for H-E-B. His response? "Queso dresses everything."

Well, we can hardly argue. Life in Texas just wouldn't be the same without this warm, cheesy dip accompanying the vast majority of our restaurant experiences. However, we must also admit, the fact that this is a hotly debated topic is as ridiculous as it is divisive.

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