Is Poland Spring Simply Ground Water?

False claims and phony attributes are part of business. The batteries never last as long as they're supposed to, and your "American-made" jeans may say otherwise in the fine print. Something we, personally, have never doubted, though, is Poland Spring. That stuff is just water from, well, a spring; it's as simple as that. Recently, a law suit has been filed claiming that Poland Spring isn't actually from springs.

Questions have risen from this issue, but there's one big question that we all want answered. Is Poland Spring simply ground water?

Part of the appeal for many Poland Spring fans is that it's sourced from springs in Maine. Established in 1845, this fairly massive water company has operated for decades telling folks that its water comes from springs. Why wouldn't it?

While on the subject of bottled water, we'd be remiss not to mention that it's a fairly detrimental industry to support when it comes to our planet's wildlife. Some places are calling for the disappearance of plastic straws, for example. But we digress

Recently, however, a class action suit has been filed claiming that Poland Spring isn't a purveyor of true spring water. The claim is that Poland Spring sources don't meet the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)'s definition of what spring water is.

The FDA's definition of spring water is too long to quote here. The gist of it, though, is that spring water must come from an underground formation through which water naturally flows.

There are also some stipulations about whether it's collected using force. Check this link for more details on the true definition.

While Poland Spring claims its spring water is for real, those filing the suit disagree. The water, supposedly sourced from eight springs in Maine, may  just be another "made in America" pair of jeans. Nestlé Waters North America, the parent company for Poland Spring, is holding its ground though.

Nestlé Waters North America is confident that they meet not only the FDA's definition of spring water but also all other federal and state regulations and policies regarding spring water and its quality and labeling. We can't predict the future, but we have a feeling that Poland Spring will come out the victor on this one. Stay tuned, humans.

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