Irish Folks Try Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream with Some Strong Reactions

No American has ever said, "Ben and Jerry! Two lovely guys. Can't wait to meet 'em!" We're assuming, Americans, that you've had Ben & Jerry's at least once. If not, we unsubscribe from your friendship. Jokes aside, Ben & Jerry's is a household name across America. In Ireland, though, this is certainly not the case. The Facts. YouTube channel creates five new videos every week, each featuring Irish people trying new things.

This edition is aptly titled Irish People Taste Ben & Jerry's. And boy, is it good.

1. Chocolate Fudge Brownie

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"Chocolate! And if there's no chocolate, there will be blood." Separate duos taste each of the Ben & Jerry's flavors. They all seem to enjoy Chocolate Fudge Brownie, and they even think of some colorful puns for its name. One woman even describes it as both hardcore and intense. We'll take it.

"The nicest chocolate ice cream I've ever eaten." If we were Ben or Jerry, we'd be happy with that review.

2. Cookie Dough

Can't beat a classic.

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Cookie Dough, the "familiar friend" of the group, got mixed reviews. It doesn't work for the one woman, and we honestly can't understand what some of the reviews.

They compare the first flavor to Beyonce and this one to Barry Manilow. No, we don't know exactly what that means.

3. Caramel Chew Chew

Lagom chewy. #CaramelChewChew

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"Oh my god! What a fun surprise in my mouth." Yes, they liked the Caramel Chew Chew. The one gentleman even renames the stuff "Ben & Jerry's Sticky Masticator." We'll stick with the original name, but we do appreciate the effort.

4. Strawberry Swirled

Pieni lusikka, valtava makuelämys. #benjerrysuomi #topped #strawberryswirled

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Our "Sticky Masticator" friend decides that Strawberry Swirled looks a bit human in a way. We won't go any further on that topic; just watch the clip.

"Do I like it though?" one girl asks.

Her friend replies, "It doesn't even taste nice at the end." Overall, the gang does not enjoy this one. One man, though, says it's his favorite.

5. Peanut Butter Cup

Cozy wednesday evening with our Peanut Butter Cup!#benandjerrys #peanutbuttercup #cozy #lazy #dessert #imlazyandiknowit

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All of the Irish, it seems, think peanut butter is packed with protein. The inner nutritionist in us knows peanut butter has protein, but we'd really consider it more of a fat. We digress.

Some people are stoked on this one, but the one guy hates it. Truly. Really. This dude won't even taste it.

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