Irish Folks Try to Conquer the 5-Pound Burrito Challenge

There's no denying it, we love watching Irish folks taste test American foods. Whether they're trying Ben & Jerry's, Pinterest whiskey treats, or good ol' Southern food, this cast of rotating characters always gives us a good reason to smile on any given day. From a true appreciation to Texan food to a love of Domino's, the Irish folks at Facts. are honest about the food they try, and hilarious about it, too.

So when we saw they were going to try the 5-pound burrito challenge, we took notice. Of course it might not be a real authentic burrito, the toppings alone look like they weight about 1 pound. So, did Paul, Elga, or Paddy manage to finish the burrito challenge?

Paddy thinks someone sabotaged his challenge with a hot burrito, but he seems to manage just fine once some of that delicious Tex-Mex steam comes out.

About a minute in, things start to go downhill fast. Paul pulls out a trash bin and says his body is just not happy with him right now. Paddy tries to turn his burrito fillings into a platter of sorts with his hands. Elga stays cool, calm, and collected as she works her way through the massive plate in front of her.

Things go from bad to worse, as acid reflux hits Paul hard. None of them could manage to finish the 5-pound burrito platter, but hey, could you do it either? Want to learn more about competitive eaters and their wild awards? Check out this list of food records that people actually hold.

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