Irish Folks Taste Test Strong Spirits and It Goes Hilariously Downhill So Fast

We've watched them try Southern food for the first time. We laughed when they hated some of these Pinterest whiskey treat recipes, and we really wanted them to like Pumpkin Walnut Praline Tarts when they tried pumpkin desserts. They can guzzle Guinness like no one else, but what happens when Irish folks taste test spirits from around the world?

Find out in the video below. These Irish taste-testers' don blindfolds and sample everything from tequila to cognac. Their reactions are priceless.

Hennessy French Cognac 

Cognac didn't score well with our Irish taste testers. In fact, two of the women simultaneously spit up their sips.

"Unimpressed" is the word we'd use to describe the rest of the group's reactions. One guy, totally not into it, reads the bottle's label aloud: "it's very special". His friend replied, unenthusiastically, "it is" .

Hendricks Scottish Gin

"My old friend" one girl coos, caressing her glass "I love you so much". With that kind of reaction, it's no surprise she guessed this one after just a brief smell. Her amazed drinking partner notes, "not only did she guess the drink, she guessed the brand!" Clearly, Hendricks is a favorite for at least one member of the team.

As for others? Well, less so. Confusingly, one of the guys asserts with great confidence that this eminently clear liquor definitely has a "good smell of brown in there". Whatever that means.

Meanwhile, Hendricks evokes an unpleasant past for one of the girls, "I knew it was gin because it brought back bad memories".

Bushmills Irish Whiskey

You'd expect Irish people to know this one because, well, it is called "Irish Whiskey". However, most of the gang likes Bushmills, even if none of them can correctly guess it.

Makers Mark American Bourbon

Apparently, American Bourbon isn't a big hit with the Irish.

"It's all starting to taste like fire in the belly".

"Tastes like arse."

And, "the brownest of the brown liquors" were some of the reactions.

While her scrunched unhappy face tells everything you need to know about what she thought of the taste, one of the girls at least liked the bottle. "Oh wax... like a candle!"

Patron Mexican Tequila

Patron scored an impressive and unexpected victory in the Irish Folks Taste Test Spirits contest. While the lone female outlier offered a creative bodily fluid comparison for Patron's taste, the rest of the gang gave it high marks.

"That's lovely. We're having another shot of that." exclaimed one happy sampler, before adding "Patron all day".

Another simply said, "Patron, yo". Yeah, that pretty much sums it up.

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