This IPA Aged in Baseball Bat Wood Gives Fans a Taste of the Game

Fans of the Atlanta Braves are in for a treat opening day - and no, I'm not just talking about a brand smacking new stadium. Brewed only for SunTrust Park, baseball and beer fans will be able to get a literal taste of the game thanks to Terrapin's Chopsecutioner. Using none other than Mizuno baseball bats, the IPA is aged with baseball bat wood.

For all the Terrapin fans out there familiar with Hopsecutioner, the Chopsecutioner was inspired by that heavy hitter while dialing back on the ABV. It's brewed to get you through a nine inning game without needing to hit the sack before the seventh inning stretch.

How do baseball bats come into play you may be wondering? In order to impart the woody flavor of Chopsecutioner, leftover bat scraps were used. It's very common to use wood chips or spirals in the brewing process, so the creative minds over at Terrapin decided to use the wood chips leftover from the bat carving process.

While this isn't the first beer to be brewed with baseball bats (Left Hand Brewing Co. did one called Homefront IPA), it's a first for Terrapin and SunTrust Park.

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Chopsecutioner is only the beginning of what's about to come out of SunTrust Park, or should I say, Terrapin's ATL Brew Lab. Located at SunTrust, Terrapin's 5-barrel brewhouse will allow them to get crazy with experimentation.

Terrapin's mission is "to create unique experiences through the passionate brewing of the finest quality craft beers." And unique experiences are certainly in store for SunTrust. Working on a new line-up as well as featuring their seasoned heavy hitters, the ATL Brew Lab is mixing the old with the new.

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And who better to benefit than MLB fans, especially those who love the Atlanta Braves? Beer at the ballpark already goes hand-in-hand, so a brewery at the ballpark? Now we're talking. The brews will be served at the Terrapin taproom that is run by Delaware North along with Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q. It will be a year-round taproom, so while you're watching re-runs and old highlight reels on the MLB network, you'll be able to drink Terrapin even in the off-season.

With over $600 million put into the new SunTrust field, they certainly weren't going to skimp on the beer. Terrapin has called Georgia home since 2002, so it comes as no surprise that the Atlanta Braves would want to feature a more local, thriving craft brewery. While fans may miss the old Turner Field, they certainly won't be disappointed in the beer.

The demand for craft beer at baseball stadiums appears to be a growing trend. Many craft breweries have gotten cans, bottles, and taps featured inside stadiums. Some even have their own beer garden - like Stone at Petco Park. Terrapin is taking that a step further by brewing on-site.

This begs the question as to whether or not opening up a brewery at a baseball season will become a trend. Will macro beer soon find itself replaced with freshly brewed on-site craft? Only time will tell. But for now, let's sip on some Chopsecutioner and root for the home team.

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