KFC Gives New Meaning to Its Name with Chicken-Scented Candle

Chicken lovers, prepare yourself because the C in KFC just got a whole new meaning, and it's probably not what you think - candle.

Yeah, you read that right. Your favorite bucket of fried candle can now fill the kitchen with a wafting scent that will send the family running for dinner. A clever rouse that is bound to work until the wax melts down and all your left with is the remains of savory scented candle drippings.

So what prompted KFC to fill our homes with their glorious mouthwatering scent? Well, the idea was born after a New Zealand based KFC marketing genus decided to take to social media to give fans what they truly want. One can only imagine what was second on the list, but I speculate it was something along the lines of a new line of fried flavored toothpaste.


Anyhoo, the winning prize for the clever clucker is a plethora of KFC prizes - hopefully a bottomless bucket of fried chicken - and of course their envious creation, the scented fried chicken candle. Looks like nobody does candles like KFC. And sadly, nobody but New Zealander's will get this finger lickin' goodness.

But where there is a will there is a way. Take Craigslist and eBay for instance. You can find all kinds of things on there.

So if you are real good this holiday season, maybe Santa will sell you a Kentucky Fried Candle. Or, if you get lucky, this will become another wild and wacky merchandise hit attempted by the Colonel, and a scented candle will become a part of the combo meal.

If you are one of the lucky few to pluck up the candle before it's gone, don't be greedy. Show that special someone that you love them this holiday season and give the gift of love, the KFC scented candle.

Bucket of Kentucky Fried Candles for dinner anyone?

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