Introducing the Keurig of Cocktails, The Bibo Barmaid

Sometimes you're serving a crowd and sometimes you're serving yourself. Either way, even if you're a kitchen guru, you can't possibly expect to have every mixer, garnish, and trendy liquor always on hand.

Instead of blowing your money on a bartender or replenishing your bar cart with ingredients that you'll only use a handful of times, why not invest in a Bibo Barmaid? Sleek, lightweight, and the perfect size for the countertop, this machine will turn anyone into a master mixologist. The best part is all you have to do is press a button.

How Does it Work?

Just like you would use a Keurig, all you have to do is pop a packet into the machine and press go.

With the tip of your finger and 20 seconds of wait time, you can produce a range of flavors including appletini, margarita, tangerine paloma, rum punch, cucumber melon, and Mai Thai. Chocolate peppermint martini and mulled apple cider pouches are coming soon. 

Using the machine is straightforward. Just like any beverage machine, you fill the attached reservoir, which holds up to eight drinks in the Bibo, then you'll load in your flavor pouch and press the Mix button. About 20 seconds later you'll have your mixer. Next, all you have left to do is pop in a shot of the appropriate liquor to finish off the drink. If you don't have a shot glass, the box includes a 50 milliliter one.

What really makes this machine stand out though is its thoughtful rinsing technology. One press of the Clean button and the machine will run water from the reservoir through the machine to clean out the pipes between flavors. This way you won't have to endure an apple-flavored margarita, although that has the potential to be interesting.

Packet Pricing

You can buy packages of your favorite flavors off Amazon in nine-packs for $18.99. There is also the option to buy a 12-pack assorted variety for $22.  If you think about it, it's about $2 a cocktail which is a steal when you consider that this machine is like having a professional barman on staff at all times.

Ready to try out the future of home bartending? Say goodbye to half-used mixers and overflowing bar carts and say hello to your new Bibo Barmaid.

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