Why the Mac and Cheese Photos the Internet Skewered Are Actually Genius

Slow cookers are powerful beasts that are not to be taken lightly. And as every home cook who's used a slow cooker knows, everything you dump into it will look about one hundred times more appetizing when it's finished cooking. Macaroni and cheese is one of the most popular slow cooker recipes around because if you have cooked your mac and cheese to al dente, you can whip up a creamy, smooth sauce in a slow cooker as the day goes on. That's why this Twitter user's photos of her coworker's mac and cheese caused such an uproar.

When user @coolstoryjanis posted this tweet skewering her coworker's poor choice of potluck dish, we looked a little closer and realized something that most certainly did not, judging by the negative reactions. Before we get into what we noticed, can you figure it out as you peruse some of these scathing comments?

Now that we've seen that the internet fully disproved of this, here's why we think it's pretty smart.

The Genius Trick

slow-cooker-mac-cheese-1Macaroni and cheese is a dish that's universally favored. Kids from 1 to 92 delight in a big bowl of creamy pasta and cheese no matter where or when it's served. So it makes sense that mac and cheese would make an appearance at a company potluck. This is what we think everyone might've neglected to notice about this set of photos. The deep black basin the mac and cheese is in looks an awful lot like the inside of a slow cooker, doesn't it?

The noodles are cooked just enough so that the Crock-Pot only needs to be heated on low for a small amount of time to produce a creamy, melty cheese sauce from the shredded cheese on top. We doubt she would serve this as is, in fact we might bet that she heated up her slow cooker to make the best dang mac and cheese anyone has ever had. Take a look at this photo of a pre-cooked macaroni and cheese from Dinner with Julie with her Slow Cooker Mac & Cheese recipe.


While the coworker's dish is clearly missing the milk, butter, and seasonings to make the perfect slow cooker base, we'd be willing to bet she didn't want to transport a slow cooker full of liquid on her commute to work and in the refrigerator was a carton waiting to be poured on top.

And once the lid went on, she could reveal a creamy slow cooker macaroni and cheese to die for only a few hours later. Just like this.


Now, we're not saying she didn't serve this to her work potluck. But we're also not saying that she didn't turn around an incredible slow cooker mac and cheese.

You probably had to be there, but if a slow cooker really was what she made her potluck dish in, then we're team Coworker all the way.

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