I Bet You’ve Never Seen the Inside of the Coca-Cola Christmas Truck

It's the holiday season once again which means Christmas commercials and advertisements are back. While the M&M's commercial with Santa has always been a favorite (there's even a sequel to it this year), Coca-Cola and their holiday ads are a close contender.

Each year Coca-Cola brings to life one of their most famous commercials by touring its truck to different cities across the world. This year, the truck tour is focusing on Great Britain, making truck stops at Liverpool, Glasgow, Essex, Plymouth, Birmingham, Nottingham, London, and many others.

The iconic Coca-Cola commercial first came out in 1995 and has slowly transformed itself as a staple of the holiday season. If you haven't seen the commercial, it goes a bit like this.

A Coca-Cola truck drives through the mountains, but wait, it seems as if the truck itself never ends. In fact it almost looks like an ongoing train of Coca-Cola-filled 18-wheelers. After looking over the mountains and seeing all of the trucks, it finally reaches the end, revealing Santa on the back of the final truck raising a toast with a bottle of Coca-Cola.

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Ever since, the Coca-Cola truck has been touring around the world. However this year is different. This festive season one lucky winner will actually be able to have a look inside the infamous magic Coca-Cola truck.

That's right, one lucky winner and their guest will have the chance to spend the night in the Coca-Cola Christmas truck in the heart of London.

Take a Look Inside the Coca-Cola Christmas Truck

Coca-Cola Christmas Truck

One step into the Coca-Cola truck and it seems as if you were transported to a winter wonderland. This beautifully decorated space comes with everything you might possibly need to make this the perfect winter sleepover.

Inside Coca-Cola Christmas Truck

Warm your self up by the fireplace or sit back and relax in the giant bean bag chair. Need some music inspiration? Plug in your smartphone and listen to a festive curated playlist.

Coca-Cola Truck

Everything you need will be catered to you- including a a full Christmas dinner served with your favorite Coke products like diet Coke, Coca-Cola zero sugar, and of course Coca-Cola classic.

Fairy lights are strewn throughout the truck making the decor of the coca-cola truck perfect for any Christmas fan.

Coca-Cola Christmas Truck

After spending the evening eating, drinking free cans of Coca-Cola, and watching a movie on the flatscreen, cozy up in one of the two twin beds.

While only one lucky winner gets to spend the evening inside of the truck, everyone can still enjoy the Coca-Cola Christmas Truck Tour. Guests can take festive selfies of the outside of the truck in a winter wonderland setting and enjoy free cans of their favorite soft drink. After finishing the drink drop your can in one of Coca-Cola's recycling call-to-action bins.

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And make sure to visit after dark; a special animation appears on the side of the truck for everyone to watch and enjoy.

To enter the contest you must be a resident of Great Britain and be over the age of 18. Check out the tour dates here and spread holiday cheer (even from over here in America) by using the hashtag #holidaysarecoming to keep up with the Coca-Cola Christmas Truck.

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