This Giant Inflatable Dartboard Set is Perfect for Pool Parties

March until late September is for everything outdoors. From fishing, camping, and even trips to amusement parks. Not every summer activity involves leaving your home, though. As long as you have friends, family, (beer helps too) and the right outdoor games, you can turn your backyard into the ultimate getaway. It looks like inflatable dartboards will be a hit this year.

I'm calling this the year of the giant games. From CROSSNET, giant Jenga, and inflatable dartboards, everyone will be lining up at your home for fun get-togethers. Big Sky's giant inflatable dartboard set is the best way to play darts when you don't have a man cave to lounge in.

Big Sky Giant Inflatable Outdoor Games- Inflatable Dartboard

dart board game

This giant dartboard inflates with an electronic air pump, and luckily for us, it comes with one. Get competitive and play against your favorite family member. You'll receive three orange darts and three yellow darts.

  • Puncture resistant. (It comes with a repair kit, just in case)
  • Blow up is easy. (Use an electric air pump)
  • Fantastic customer reviews.

A game set this fun is perfect for birthday parties and family reunions. Also, consider it as an activity for team-building fun. If you're the mom who loves hosting parties after the kids' sports game is over, you know exactly what will get them back on their feet for some outdoor fun.


What's also great about this inflatable dartboard game is that it's not just limited to the park or backyard. Since it's inflatable and high-quality, this dart game can float. If you have a swimming pool, take it in the water!

I can see why many people won't let little ones play darts, but this darts game allows for people of all ages to enjoy a good game of darts without sharp objects. This outdoor dartboard is available on Amazon.

Grab yours today and get to planning your first backyard party of the summer! Kick the bounce house to the curb this year for a new inflatable game.

Be sure also to check out inflatable slides and hot tubs at for never-ending backyard fun.

This post was originally published on February 25, 2020.

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