9 Inexpensive Kitchen Necessities I Use Every. Single. Day.

One benefit of living in a small apartment like mine is that each gadget, every single one, has to either serve one purpose exceptionally well or multi-task like a fool. With that in mind, I can't splurge on every latte bowl I see, or spring for that magical, mystical KitchenAid mixer I so desperately want.

However, I've learned to make do as all home cooks must, and these are the products I swear by and would not get dinner on the table every night without.

1. Microplane Premium Series Zester/Grater


I had high hopes for this raved-about tool, and they were matched. My Microplane grates cheese beautifully over pasta, zests lemon peels right into carbonara dishes easily, and tackles nutmeg like a champion for macaroni and cheese.

The small width allows total control and the handle grip works even when your hands are covered in olive oil. For $14.89, it's a small price to pay for such ease. It's also Prime-certified and has free 2-day shipping for members.

2. Gourmia Digital Glass Kettle


This 2-quart electric kettle has made my life eons easier. It has six temperature settings, which means I can always steep my tea at the exact right temperature.

For $34.00 marked down from $79.99, this is easily my favorite kitchen gadget of the moment. It's controlled spout is perfect for pouring into oatmeal or a French press all the same.

3. Cuisinart Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls


Stainless steel mixing bowls are my favorite for a myriad of reasons but mostly because they're basically bomb-proof. Dishwasher-safe, freezer-safe, refrigerator-safe, this set of three sizes (1.5-quart, 3-quart, 5-quart) even comes with lids to match.

For $24.58, you too can enjoy the feeling using one bowl for dinner because it's the perfect size to toss together the salad or hold the pasta while you simmer the sauce down.

4. Bamboo Butcher Block Cutting Board


I firmly believe that a cutting board should be larger than you think you need, and this butcher block bamboo cutting board is an investment worth making at $49.95.

Not only is it a sturdy cutting board, but it also has a drip groove. Ever picked up your cutting board once the chopping is over and found a wet counter? That's the worst - and it doesn't happen with this block.

The best part is that it also doubles as a serving tray for special occasions and features handles in the sides for easy carry. I can't say enough positive things about this butcher block, y'all.

5. XL Aluminized Steel Sheet Pan


This extra large nonstick, warp resistant aluminized steel sheet pan is my best friend. One-pan dinners are staples for easy weeknight cooking, and this is large enough to ensure a full meal fits on a single layer.

At $24.99, it's an investment worth making and the corrugated surface allows an even air flow during the baking process, which in turn facilitates evenly baked meals.

The best part is that it's big enough to fit a short wire grid on top for cooking beer-candied bacon in the oven. Why wouldn't you want to make that?

6. Olive Wood Corner Spoon/Spatula


Any good wooden spoon worth its salt will last for years to come with proper care. As an exclusive wooden spoon fanatic, this olive wood version is beautiful and has an edge that pulls up the brown bits wonderfully during the deglazing process.

For $8.97, this is the kitchen utensil that keeps on giving for years to come and will quickly become your favorite, too.

7. Fish Spatula


I used to laugh at the idea of a fish spatula ... until I bought one. Now it's my go-to sheet pan dinner utensil. Delicate enough to toss even the daintiest of vegetables or cuts of meat, its width makes it an excellent scooper, too.

You can't go wrong with this Winco model that even has an edged end to slice through foods. Find it here for only $5.31.

8. Bamboo and Stainless Steel French Press


The electric kettle above is almost always paired with this stainless steel and bamboo French press. It makes nine cups of coffee or tea at once and while I'm not one to admit it, I can easily finish that throughout the day.

I use it to cold brew coffee, brew loose leaf tea, brew regular hot coffee (with cinnamon and a dash of salt!), and love to stare at it on the counter in all its chic 1970s beauty.

Priced at $22.97 (43 percent off from its regular price of $39.97), this French press is even cheaper now than when I bought it and I still stand by this decision.

9. Olive Oil Dispensers


Before you ask why you need two, let me just say: infused olive oil. This olive oil set is reliable and has served me well for years. One 16-ounce dispenser holds olive oil, and the other? Well, the infusion of the week.

Alternatively, the other could hold vinegar instead of a rosemary and thyme-infused olive oil - it's all up to you. Either way, for $15.99, you get this sturdy and minimalistic set that's also BPA-free. Score.

Do you have any items that you use every day in the kitchen? Let us know below!

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