Indoor S’mores Stations Make Celebrating Valentine’s Day at Home Fun

Which do you prefer? Sitting out on the porch with a popsicle or sitting around a campfire roasting s'mores? I'm from Texas, so I can handle some scorching heat. I try to enjoy the winter fun outside, but I will admit, I get cold way too quickly. This means I have to get creative with indoor fall and winter activities. So, what's the equivalent of me enjoying a pickle pop on a hot summer day when it's 28 degrees outside? An indoor s'mores maker.

That's right. No fire pit or bonfire needed. Indoor s'mores makers are perfect for those who can't build a campfire or don't have a fireplace. Also, it's a safer alternative for little ones. You can have your own delicious s'mores in minutes with a s'mores maker.

Best Indoor S'mores Makers

1. Sterno Family Fun S'mores Maker, Red

Sterno 70228 Family Fun S'mores Maker

Sterno's s'mores maker comes with a heat fuel can so you can light the flame. All you need to do is make sure you have enough graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate! Who would've thought you'd be able to roast marshmallows in your living room?

This is an ideal activity to do when you're snowed in on a cold winter night. There are two roasting forks, so invite a loved one over for s'mores! It's also year-round fun for those who love making s'mores for any occasion.

2. SHARPER IMAGE Electric Tabletop S'mores Maker for Indoors, 6 Piece Set

SHARPER IMAGE Electric Tabletop S'mores Maker for Indoors, 6 Piece Set

Another favorite s'mores maker is available on Amazon for $35.99. This electric s'mores maker comes with a serving tray and four roasting forks. I love that you just need to plug it in! It's so simple, and the sleek stainless steel design is a plus.

3. Nostalgia SMM200 Indoor Electric Stainless Steel S'mores Maker

Nostalgia SMM200 Indoor Electric Stainless Steel S'mores Maker

Nostalgia's electric s'mores maker is tabletop safe! The flameless electric heater will give you some peace of mind letting kids use it. Customer reviews are wonderful. I'm not one to look forward to cold winter nights, but it gives me an excuse to roast some marshmallows.

I am drooling thinking about perfect golden brown marshmallows and melted chocolate! If you're big on chocolate, you have to try chocolate stuffed marshmallows. Now that would be the best s'more you've ever had.

Ditch the hassle of a fire pit or large open fire. Salton's s'mores station roasts s'mores in two minutes! The fondue stays at the right consistency, making it a great pick for snacking on fruit.

It comes with four marshmallow forks, four compartment trays, and one station. A customer gave it five stars and said, "I purchased this for my kids High School graduation party! It kept hotter than a lowers cost version and cooked faster! It was a safe alternative to flame."

5. Casa Moda"S'mores" Maker

Casa ModaS'mores Maker

Casa Moda's s'mores maker comes with one toasting grill, stainless-steel lazy susan, and ceramic holders for graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate bars. This awesome gadget is going to come in handy for Valentine's Day!

6. Progressive Prep Solutions Microwave S'mores Maker, Brown/White

Progressive Prep Solutions Microwave S'mores Maker, Brown/White

Ditch the grill top, fondue pots, skewers, and toasters! This is a top pick for parents. No matter how careful you are, it can be tough to keep kiddos a safe distance from open flames hot kitchen gadgets. This $18 s'mores maker is the solution! The microwave s'mores maker cooks two s'mores in 30 seconds or less.

Just fill the water reservoir and place the marshmallows on the tray and heat up. The gadget is dishwasher safe.

Now, all you need is a Hallmark movie and a throw blanket, and you've got yourself the perfect night in.

S'mores Ingredients & Gadgets

Graham Crackers

Graham crackers

Be sure to grab enough boxes for the entire family.



I'm grabbing two packs. One for s'mores and one for my hot chocolate.


Hershey's chocolate

What's a s'more without Hershey's chocolate?

Just in case you need extra roasters!

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