The Best Indoor Smokers For Your Cooking Space

Craving the taste of smoked brisket but don't have enough outdoor space for a charcoal smoker? Then an indoor smoker may be the perfect solution for you! Specifically designed to be used inside, indoor smokers input smoky flavor into your favorite meals safely.

The most popular model of indoor smokers are stovetop smokers which use the heat from your stove to heat up the wood chips which then infuse a smoke flavor into your food.

Is It Safe to Use a Smoker Indoors?

While it isn't safe to roll your BBQ or outdoor smoker into your kitchen, these indoor smokers are made to be used inside. Some stovetop models can even be used in the oven!

As always, keep a fire extinguisher in the kitchen and always use the equipment as intended.

How Does an Indoor Smoker Work?

There are three different types of indoor smokers: stovetop smokers, handheld smokers, and electric smokers.

Stovetop smokers work by using the stovetop as your heat source. This also means you have temperature control of this meat smoker. This model also comes with a drip tray or drip pan, making clean-up pretty painless.

Handheld smokers, also known as cold smokers or a smoking gun, add cold smoke to food, using battery power. This device is used for cold-smoking food and drinks to add a hint of smokey flavor. This isn't the type of thing you use to smoke food like a whole chicken.

A digital electric smoker is also a great option if you are looking for hot smoking. Make sure it specifically is made for indoor use.

The Best Indoor Smokers For Your Cooking Space

1. Camerons Stovetop Smoker

indoor smoker

Made of stainless steel, this hot smoke indoor stovetop smoker using the heating element from the stove to cook your food. Simply put two tablespoons of wood chips at the bottom (hickory and mesquite are good choices!) and place the food on the rack. The cooking time depends on the food.

Smoke meat to anything from tofu and cheese to chicken, vegetables, and fish! And when you are finished simply wash the ash down the sink and clean the smoker in the dishwasher.

2. Nordic Ware - 36550 - NW Stovetop Kettle Smoker

kettle smoker

Big enough to hold a whole chicken, this roaster smoker add wood flavor using wet or dry smoking methods. Make sure to use the exhaust fan when using this smoker. The smoker also gets very hot, so use oven mitts to remove lid.

3. Camerons Smoker Bags


Grilling but want to add a smoky flavor? What about cooking a turkey in the oven? The versatility is endless! Use these pre-seasoned smoker bags to add a small amount of smoke to your dishes.

Simply add your food to the bags and cook in the oven. The smoke will penetrate the meat without having to worry about using a propane or charcoal grill. And once it's finished, simply toss! It's a win-win!

4. Smoke Infuser (Stainless Steel) - Cocktail and Food Smoker with Wood Chips



Smoke isn't just for food! Infuse your cocktails with smokey flavor using this handheld smoker complete with digital controls. Wrap foods in aluminum foil and add smoke or place it under a bowl to harness all the flavor.

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