Ina Garten Answers Your 25 Most Important Thanksgiving Questions

When it comes to Thanksgiving, tradition rules all. Whether it's a classic like serving turkey, or your Uncle's famous cranberry sauce, there are things we expect out of a Thanksgiving meal; foods that must be made, pies that must be eaten. But what about the Thanksgivings of our cooking idols?

What does Ina Garten, Food Network's Barefoot Contessa, think about various Thanksgiving traditions from coast to coast like deep-frying turkeys and serving the giblets? She feels your struggle, and is here to help.

If you've ever debated between fresh or frozen, seek no other guidance (or frustration) than that of Garten -- fresh, each and every time.

As for the adults' favorite holiday past-time, Garten prefers serving wine over cocktails. You get the booze without the mess of mixers, ice, and miscellaneous cups to clean at the end of the day.

Let's be honest: You just spent countless hours prepping this day full of thanks and delicious eats and treats; do you really want to spend any more time cleaning up an excess of cups? No, the answer is no.

However you wish to prep for your day of family, feasting and thanks is ultimately your call, but Garten's 25 Thanksgiving tricks of the trade is a good place to start.

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