Texas Mom Breaks All Rules, Brings Corn on the Cob to Movie Theater

We've all been known to sneak our favorite snack into the movies. It's a right of passage as a teenager, it's a money saving hack as a 20-something, and it's a simple act of rebellion when you're an adult. Most of us sneak in a Coke or some candy. For a San Antonio mom, however, the contraband of choice is corn on the cob.

On November 28, Dale Delrosario's mom leaned over during a movie and asked him if he'd like some corn.  Confused as to her odd manner of referring to the ubiquitous movie snack of popcorn, Delrosario asked her, "From where, Mom." With a bemused, smile she replied by whipping out of her purse some actual corn that was still attached to the cob.

Naturally, her son couldn't let this go undocumented. He snapped and tweeted two photos catching his mother in the act of corn consumption. "Some people sneak candy into the movie theater," Delrosario tweeted. "My mom sneaks in corn on the cob."

With 52k followers, it's no surprise that this tweet went viral and grabbed the attention of the local media. An online debate ensued. Most people were in support of the snacking choice, but some remained dubious of its practicality.

In fact, Delrosario's mother's choice of snack became such a debate, that the Alamo Drafthouse invited Delrosario and his mother out to the movies to "show them there is a better way...." to snack at the movies.

Clearly, Alamo Drafthouse really takes their concessions seriously. Due to the subsequent discussion that Delrosario's tweet sparked about the need for movie theater corn on the cob, the Drafthouse responded by saying that, " we prefer our corn popped," but that, "we'll provide the corn on the cob. We understand the need."

So next time you're at an Alamo Drafthouse keep your eyes peeled for subversive snackers and tweet them. You never know what may happen.

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