In Austin, the Locals are Cooling off with Frozé

Do you love sorbet? What about rose? Do you live in a climate that demands a cold beverage when you sit outside for summertime barbecues? Yeah, you're going to love frozé if you don't already.

If you live anywhere where summer temperatures are peaking in the triple digits then you understand the necessity of sub-zero temperature beverages. Preferably icy ones.

The Dawn of the Frozé Age

Thank goodness acclaimed pastry chef Kelly Fields created this appropriately named frozen rosé cocktail as a way to escape the brutal New Orleans heat. Without her, the population would be left to sink frozen grapes into our glasses of the same rose we've been enjoying for the last three summers.

While you can, of course, make your own frozé, there is something to be said about having a perfectly proportioned frozen cocktail show up and your only mission is to drink it. For many Austinites, however, this can be more challenging than it seems on the surface.

Where Do I Get Frozen Rose in Austin?

With so many bars in the city and frozé being such a trendy beverage, how do you know if the $10 you're about to spend is truly worth it? How do you know you won't be getting an impersonator of the oh-so-popular frozé?

Well, one avenue you could choose is to dedicatedly commit yourself to trying all the establishments within city limits that offer frozen rose on their menu. However, that might take you until September at which point frozé will be gradually weaned from menus.

Alternatively, you could just trust that we've done our research (we have) and are here to bring you the top four spots where you can enjoy a frozé in ATX. Fruity, frozen, and unbelievably refreshing, these four eateries have frozé that is on point.

Whether you want to sip on a frosty glass of pink perfection for brunch or you are in need of a cup of relaxation after a hard day at work, each of these establishments has you covered, and at a fair price.

1. Hotel San Jose

2. Weather Up

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3. Eberly

4. W Hotel

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