IKEA, Leader of DIY Furniture, Released Free Plans for a Sustainable Garden

No company does DIY like IKEA, and now the Swedish furniture giant is turning its attentions toward the future of sustainable food.  The Growroom "urban farming pavilion" made its debut at CHART ART FAIR, then on to Vice's Munchies Festival in Copenhagen. It has since hopped its way around the globe with stops in San Francisco, Rio de Janeiro, Taipei, Helsinki and beyond.

Created by the company's in-house design studio Space10 and partners, architects Mads-Ulrik Husum and Sine Lindholm, interaction designer Thomas Sandahl Christensen and gardner Sebastian Dragelykke, The Growroom could very well be the shape of urban farming to come.

The Growroom at Vice's Munchies Festival in Copenhagen. Medium

Now, The Growroom is coming home -- right to your home or backyard, if you'd like.

Last week, IKEA released the open-source plans for its multi-level spherical garden, free to anyone who wants to build their own.

The Growroom at night. Medium

As the company says,

"Local food represents a serious alternative to the global food model. It reduces food miles, our pressure on the environment, and educates our children of where food actually comes from. The result on the dining table is just as fascinating. We could produce food of the highest quality that tastes better, is much more nutritional, fresh, organic and healthy.

"The challenge is that traditional farming take up a lot of space and space is a scarce resource in our urban environments."

The Growroom at Vice's Munchies Festival in Copenhagen. Medium

The Growroom's spherical shape gives it a small spatial footprint, making it ideal for the small spaces and close quarters that can impede urban farming initiatives.

The Growroom exhibited at Copenhagen Opera House. Medium

Its overlapping slats ensure the vegetation on every level receives the necessary water and light, and the interior, walls lined with herbs, vegetables and other edible plants, can create a small oasis of respite from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Mads-Ulrik Husum and Sine Lindholm-- the architects behind The Growroom. Medium

All you need to build it is two rubber hammers and 17 sheets of plywood -- and a trip to your location fabrication shop, unless you happen to be handy with a milling machine.

The Growroom at CHART ART FAIR. Medium

The 17-step guide is available here, and cutting guides for your fab shop, are here.

It's not as easy as a coffee table, but if you and a few crafty friends have a free weekend, this gorgeous garden could be yours.

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