Is IHOP Changing Their Name?

This just in for breakfast news. The International House of Pancakes, (IHOP for short) hinted earlier on twitter that a name change may be in order for the American restaurant chain. Perhaps it's a tall stack of pancakes kind of order. In a post on social media, the rooty tooty fresh 'n fruity purveyor created quite the stir for fans of the IHOP restaurant. For 60 years the chain has been serving pancakes under the name, "IHOP" but now they are flipping things up and are going to go by IHOb.

For now the restaurant is keeping the "B" under wraps until June 11th, but that hasn't stopped twitter users from tweeting their guesses on what the name change means. As of right now it seems like there are many "possi-b-ilities as what the changing name may stand for.

Some say it could stand for the International House of Breakfast and it makes a lot of sense since the brand is known for their breakfast delights. But there's still other guesses of what the new acronym may stand for.

The company is having a bit of fun before the big reveal, even leading a twitter poll which includes answers like "butternut squash," "biscuits" and even "barnacles". Currently the word, "bacon" is winning, and we do like the ring of the International House of Bacon.

The name change comes a month after the annual stockholder's meeting of DINE Brands, which operates both IHOP and Applebee's. The company reported that almost half of its customers dine in for breakfast, making the idea that the International House of Breakfast is a sure and safe bet.

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