You Should Cook Rice This Way, or You Could Be at Risk of Arsenic Poisoning

If you skimp on the water when cooking rice, you could be at greater risk of arsenic poisoning, heart disease or cancer, the Daily Mail reports. Professor Andy Meharg leading expert in the field of rice contamination at Queen's University Belfast, Ireland, tested three ways of cooking rice to see which method removed the most contaminants, and his finding are something you'll definitely want to know for your own kitchen.

Arsenic can leach into rice from industrial contaminants and pesticides from long ago, which can remain in paddies for decades. Mehard first cooked rice with a ratio of two parts water to one part rice; in this process, all the water is absorbed or evaporated.

Bumping that ratio to five parts water to one part rice cuts the arsenic levels in half, leaving the rice to soak in water overnight, removing up to 80 percent of the toxin.

Professor Meharg has also previously suggested that cooking rice in a coffee percolator would stop any arsenic from binding to the rice.

By allowing steaming hot water to drip through the rice, contaminants will be washed away.

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