If You Only Go to One Camp This Summer, Go to Camp Bacon

How much do you love a crispy slice of bacon? Enough to go to camp? For all you bacon lovers out there, Zingerman's Camp Bacon is about to kick off in Ann Arbor, Michigan. A hotbed for all things bacon, this is the only place to be come spring.

Everyone is welcome at Camp Bacon. From professional chefs to amateurs, the only requirement is a love of bacon. The epicenter of pork, the camp is a gathering place for like-minded enthusiasts to gather and discuss, eat, and celebrate anything pork related. If that sounds like you, book your space here while spots are still available.

Camp Bacon will take place from May 31 to June 4. Camp-goers can expect a pork-filled week with guest speakers, loads of activities, and of course bacon. There will even be a Camp Bacon Food Film Festival to kick off camp on the first day. The film will focus on women in the Southern food space and vendors will offer a variety of munchies to go with the film - including caramel bacon popcorn to pork zingers.

Each day will offer a new exciting activity. You can choose to attend all week or buy your tickets per event. May I recommend, however, spending the $75 and buying tickets to The 8th Annual Bacon Ball. The event will feature traditional Cajun pig roasting. Oh, and don't miss the free street fair on Sunday June 4th! If that doesn't get you amped up, I don't know what else will.

You can also feel good knowing your participation will go towards a good cause. The camp is a fundraiser for two non-profit organiztions: The Southern Foodways Alliance and the 4H Club of Washtenaw County.

The Southern Foodways Alliance has helped support Southern food traditions for over fifteen years. The 4H Club of Washtenaw County on the other hand helps young people work and study agriculture. All money raised by Camp Bacon will go towards these two non-profits.

Reserve your space now, because it's about to get tasty.

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