If Condiment Sales Were 'Game of Thrones', House Hot Sauce Would Win with Dragons

Name something that doesn't taste better with hot sauce. We don't care if you say ice cream; we still think you're wrong. In fact, you can click here to get a chocolate Sriracha ice cream recipe (along with 22 other hot sauce-based goodies). There's no need to play games. You know it, we know it. Heck, everyone puts hot sauce on everything. And it's always good. We bet even the whole cast of Game of Thrones loves the stuff.

In fact, we'd go as far as saying that if condiment sales were Game of Thrones, House Hot Sauce would win with dragons.

Unlike Westeros, a country well on its way toward war at any given moment, people are united around hot sauce. (Feel free to replace Westeros with the United States there, and replace war with Twitter battles if you'd like to.) Americans love Game of Thrones, and we also love hot sauce.

Hot sauce is so popular, in fact, that its sales have grown by five percent each year since 2012. That stat comes from an article by Quartz. They wrote a line that we wish we had gotten to first: "US hot sauce sales are actually hot."

They go on to say that a recent study shows that millennials are cooking more. Supposedly, they're throwing heat outside of the Twittersphere and Instagram direct messages. They also suggest that baby boomers are losing their taste buds and turning to hot sauce because of this.

We think that's a pretty staunch generalization. Hot sauce sales aren't going up because people are cooking more or because people need to wake up their taste buds. People are buying it because they're wizened up now. Once you taste Cholula on a burrito bowl, you can't go back.

We'll take Tabasco on our spicy guacamole brunch sandwiches. We want to keep piling Cholula onto our burrito bowls. And, if you haven't heard yet, sometimes Whole Foods whips up a Sriracha butternut squash that's absolute fire. (It's really not that spicy, but we couldn't resist the pun.)

Hot sauce sales are up, and the only type of trend we want to see from that is that somehow prices go down. Americans love hot sauce for sure, but we also love saving money.

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