I Tried the Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino, Here's How It Went

The hype for the Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino was so real, I even wrote about it. So naturally, I knew I had to try it. While my unicorn tendencies are skewed toward toast, you can't read something like Unicorn Frappuccino and not try it. So in place of my normal 3:00 pm caffeine jolt, I decided to go for the sugar rush and walked down to Starbucks in Austin to place an order.

The line was no longer than the normal afternoon rush, which was a nice surprise. The drinks seemed like they were made in batches as my order came out with two other Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccinos, like a real pack of ponies.

Normally I'm not one to believe Instagram photos, but the colors of the drink were just as vibrant as promised by Starbucks, though the pink and the purple colors seemed so similar, they could have been the same if only for a few differences.

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While I knew it'd be a mango crème frappuccino base, I was imagining something way sweeter. So to all those who think it'd be too sweet to try, know that while it is sweet, it is significantly less sweet than a vanilla crème frappuccino. This is probably due in part to the mango flavor, which resulted in a more dreamsicle flavor.

I'm personally into tart fruit drinks as opposed to creamier fruit drinks so while this was delicious, I probably wouldn't go for the mango base again. The sour blue syrup was hard to reach and taste, but I just wiggled that straw up to the river of sour blue at the side of the cup and took a big sip. It definitely suited my tart preferences, but I wanted more of a flavor to it.

Shannon Ratliff

As for the drink color changing, it took some serious swirling and twirling of the cup to start to turn it pink from purple. Puzzling, since you'd think combining blue and pink would create purple, but with this drink, it's the opposite. Magic unicorn dust, probably.

Eventually, however, the drink turned a light pink. It seemed the sour syrup sunk to the bottom of the cup, and the last few sips of the drink were straight sour blue. Combined with the sweet pink powder and the sour blue powder on the whipped cream, the sour taste was definitely noticeable and pucker-worthy.

Shannon Ratliff

So the verdict? Well, it tastes like dreamsicle and from a drink that's pink, blue, and purple, that's different. I wish the sour flavor was included more in the crème base, but you win some and you lose some. This definitely wouldn't replace my (admittedly more practical) regular drink order, but it is a sweet pick-me-up for the afternoon blues.

Remember it's only available until April 23, so get yours soon if you're dying to try it! Be sure to tag your Instagrammed drink with the hashtag, #WideOpenEats, and we could feature it on our page.

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