Hunter Fieri: Guy Fieri's Son is More Than His Father's Legacy

Hunter Fieri was only 10 years old when Guy Fieri was a winning contestant on Food Network Star. While the self-proclaimed "Kulinary Gangsta" has skyrocketed his net worth and social media presence since then, his son Hunter seems to be following in his dad's footsteps mostly because of his talent in the kitchen. Let's take a look at Guy Fieri's son and if he's the next Guy Fieri in the food industry.


Guy's son Hunter grew up around food and his dad in the kitchen. You don't just become Guy Fieri overnight. A personality like his had been brewing long before he became a household name and Hunter got a front seat to it all in Guy's ranch kitchen. "My dad taught me at a very young age how to use a knife, he had me cooking at 5 years old, cutting onions for him," Hunter told the New York Post. "When I was in third or fourth grade [Dad] tells me, 'I'm done getting up and making you breakfast at 6 a.m. before school. You're going to get up now, I'm going to teach you how to make breakfast,'" he added.

After graduation from high school, the foodie (minus his brother Ryder Fieri) travelled the world with his celebrity chef dad. Food Network followed along for the series Guy & Hunter's European Vacation, while Hunter and Guy spent quality time eating their way through Europe and learning about food. Hardly strangers to the road, Guy's family was also part of Guy's Family Road Trip and Guy's Family Cruise during his time on Food Network.


When it came time to go off to college, Hunter Fieri kept the essence of his father near. He attended his father's alma mater at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Though Hunter had big plans for post-grad, they were squashed when the pandemic hit.

Instead, Hunter has joined his Dad on his adventures, appearing on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, as well as Guy's Grocery Games. "I always wanted to be on TV with him. When I was a kid .?.?. I was camera shy," Hunter said. I felt comfortable with 'Triple D' because I knew all the crew, I knew so many of the restaurants."


Hunter plans to continue being best friends with his dad while they film their new seasons from their home in Santa Rosa. Although Guy has all the connections, Hunter doesn't plan to use them. He made it this far on his own, working his way up alongside restaurant workers. He almost even worked with Gordon Ramsay. "The Gordon opportunity -- that was Hunter talking to Gordon. I don't call any buddies for favors," Guy told Delish. With Gordon on the line, maybe Bobby Flay is next!

Guy and Lori Fieri's 'Prince of Flavortown' might even own restaurants someday. If Guy is the flavor king of the Flavortown horizon, it's only right that Hunter Fieri be the dubbed the prince. Name a better father-son duo. We'll wait.

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